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No New Posts -Broadcasts-

Come here to see what's new on Reincarnation! It may not be posted on the sidebar!

3 4 Well then,
by Kanto
Jan 27, 2010 11:06:22 GMT -5
No New Posts -The Hanyou Express-

InuYasha News
Check here for the latest on InuYasha! We'll post new episodes every Saturday, and update you on well, just about everything we can find!

7 7 Episode Fourteen of InuYasha: The Final Act
by Revlis
Jan 4, 2010 20:24:39 GMT -5

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No New Posts -Fundamentals-

Yes, I think we all know very well what the rules are. You're not required to read them but it would be best if you did before you try and join.

2 2 Classes
by Revlis
Dec 16, 2009 1:54:28 GMT -5
No New Posts -Become A Legend-

This is where you post your profile for your human, hanyou, youkai, or whatever! Please wait until either Revlis or Nukdae approve you before you post!

40 95 Katsumi
by Nukdae
Jan 26, 2010 22:32:38 GMT -5
No New Posts -The Legends-

Accepted Profiles
This is where the profiles go after a character has been accepted. Characters are posted under the user's OOC name.

26 68 Mandi_Lynn's Characters
by Revlis
Jan 22, 2010 22:34:22 GMT -5
No New Posts -Edit Profile-

Come here to ask for your profile to be edited. Revlis or Nukdae will do it for you.

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No New Posts -Chit Chat-

General chat for Reincarnation! Got a new puppy? Having trouble in school? Just want to say hi?

3 24 ACITVITY CHECK - Ends January 31st!
by Kouga
Jan 21, 2010 0:52:35 GMT -5
No New Posts -InuYasha Discussion-

Talk about InuYasha here! Relations? Favorite characters? The InuYasha Plot? Anime? Manga? Video Games? Etc!

1 64 Parings?
by Hikaru Nakamura
Dec 25, 2009 16:25:00 GMT -5
No New Posts -The Tuna Can!-

Come here to play silly internet message board games if you're bored, just post random stuff, r Spam! xD

4 58 Help My Dragons Hatch ^_^
by Lady Kikyo
Feb 1, 2010 11:33:04 GMT -5
No New Posts -Requests/Suggestions-

Request something to be changed on the boards or suggest something! We're always open to ideas.

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No New Posts -Problems/Errors/Questions-

Have a problem with something/someone? Found on error somewhere? Just have a question about Rein? Come here!

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No New Posts -Advetisement/Spamming-

Advertise your site here! Spam! Spam! Spam!

Sub-boards: -First Timers-, -Link Back-, -Approved Advertisements-, -Affiliates-

284 288 ``CHange The World -- an inuyasha roleplay
by CTW Staff
Mar 31, 2013 16:54:34 GMT -5

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No New Posts -Fanart-

A place to show off your InuYasha fanart! Want to prove you can draw? Then do so.

6 15 Blue Mokona sig
by Kanto
Jan 9, 2010 2:53:42 GMT -5
No New Posts -Fanfictions-

Care to show off your skills as a writer? Go ahead and post a InuYasha fanficton!

1 1 Izayoi's Diary
by Lady Izayoi
Jan 18, 2010 9:21:58 GMT -5

-|-Beyond The Well-|-

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No New Posts -Kagome's School-

One of the many schools in Tokyo, this one is in more of an urban setting. However, one rarely sees one of it's students for all the illnesses she seems to be troubled with.

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No New Posts -The Higurashi Shrine-

One of the few remaining and working shrines in Tokyo. The Higurashi Shrine is run by an elderly man and his family. The Shrine includes a strange well and ancient, sacred tree. Not to mention the home of Kagome Higurashi herself.

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No New Posts -Misc. Locations-

There are many different places for a modern miko to drag a hanyou.

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No New Posts -The City Of Tokyo-

Rising skyscrapers, and a brilliantly lit night life. The modern city of Tokyo is typically buzzing with life day or night. It is the birthplace of Kagome Higurashi.

1 21 There Once Was A Time That Made Sense. (Rave/Open)
by Raveik
Jan 1, 2010 14:33:40 GMT -5

-|-Northern Lands ~ Lord Shoju Bayushi-|-

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No New Posts Kyuden Bayushi

The home of the Lord of the North, Shoju Bayushi, is among the most magnificent palaces in all of Japan. The massive palace sits on a high plateau, dominating the surrounding countryside. It has no visible fortifications, but it is not without defenses. Internally it is well lit and opulent, though it hides many secrets. Just south of the palace is traitor's grove, where the souls of those who betray the Clan are bound forever in agony.Here is the palace of the Lord of the North, it is in the Northern lands. Obviously.

1 37 read a map? no way! (Sango/Bayushi/OPEN)
by InuYasha
Jan 1, 2010 14:40:57 GMT -5
No New Posts -Yakunan Cave-

The cave is dark. The air is chilly, haunted in a way. The wind moans, as if in pain, as if lost souls were trapped in this place. Here, many easily feel alone. They think they hear thuds only to turn and see nothing there. Sometimes travelers may begin to forget who they are, as if their memories were sucked out of them.

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No New Posts -Taijiya's Village-

This is the old home of Kohaku and Sango before Kohaku had slain the village. Not much remains and few people live here, if any at all. Near the village is he cave where Midoriko resides, frozen in time. Bodies of the youkai the miko had fought aganist can also be found here. In the cave, the Shikon no Tama was created.

1 46 The Rise of the Scorpion (open)
by Revlis
Jan 2, 2010 11:58:44 GMT -5
No New Posts -Itonami River-

Before one even sees it, the gentle roar of the water can be heard at least a mile around. Gentle currents dip and slide over rocks that have been worn and smoothed by the flowing waters of the river. The clear waters allow travellers to see plenty of fish darting underneath the surface. The finest water in all of Japan can be found here; cool, crisp and refreshing.

2 47 How it Should Be -Open-
by Simon "Sai" Wayne
Jan 19, 2010 16:04:08 GMT -5
No New Posts -Kumori Mountains-

The moutains stand tall above the lands, looking down upon those below them. This mountain range is capped with snow on its tops year around. Many find the mountains a challange to climb and very few have ever made it and lived to tell the story on their was done. Some wonder if a demon lives here that devours those whom dare to enter the mountain range. Either way, if you can reach the top, it's fun to play in the snow!

1 37 Rumors of a demon (open)
by Revlis
Jan 19, 2010 13:31:09 GMT -5

-|-Eastern Lands ~ Lord Shadow Link Revirra-|-

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No New Posts -Lord Shadow's Castle-

The rocks here are mostly everywhere and piled, surrounding green land. The large falls are simply called the Raging Falls. In the small basin the water is good and pure, but slightly hard to drink for the falls are powerful. There are flowers beyond the rocks and trees. The rocks manage to usually stay wet, except those further away from the Raging Falls. They are fun to climb upon, but be careful because even though the fall is not high, it is rocky and you will most likely not survive. From the basin of the falls, a stream gurgles down the hills. Food is plentiful here in the summer, and during the winter because of the stone 'walls' you are sheltered from the wind on the outside. The stream freezes up in the winter; therefore it is fun to slide down. The sky is usually cloudless here, yet when it rains it rains a lot, and most of the land is slippery. The castle itself is made up from the stones around the land, and stands tall. The halls are dark colored, in red's and black's and have many halls and rooms. This is a royal territory on which the King and Queen of the Hanyou do reside.

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No New Posts -Areno Wastelands-

These wastelands are a gloomy place. There's normally no one else in sight, the hard rock flooring burns your feet. The temperature from the feeling the sun's scorching hot rays feels like it can kill. Though, when the sun sets, it lights up the sky and fills it with amazing colors.

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No New Posts -Kesshou Pond-

Crystal waters ripple across the surface of this average size pond. Near the banks one can easily look down and see the multitude of fish and other such creatures swimming beneath the surface. A fine fishing spot, it also feeds a small stream running through the forest.

1 10 Lonesome -Open-
by Raveik
Jan 4, 2010 13:27:27 GMT -5
No New Posts -Ketsueki Forest-

Sometimes know as 'InuYasha's Forest' this forest holds the scared tree where InuYasha was shot by Kikyou's arrow. Not too far away lies the Bone Eater's Well where InuYasha and Kagome travel back to the modern time. Kaede's Village lies within this forest as well. Overall, the forest is a peaceful place with few demons lurking around.

Sub-boards: -Bone-Eater's Well- , -Kaede's Village-

4 114 >>Bring me Salvation (open)
by Revlis
Jan 19, 2010 14:51:02 GMT -5
No New Posts -Denkou Bamboo Grove-

The bamboos are a group of woody perennial evergreen cluttered together to create the grove. They are in network of connected & related rhizomes sharing the same nutrients, vitality, and hardiness. The bamboo stalks tower above with their circular outer walls, yet hollow on the inside. A trail is cleared out in the grove for those whom wish to admire its beauty.

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-|-Western Lands ~ Lord Sesshoumaru-|-

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No New Posts -Sesshoumaru's Castle-

Here lies Lord Sesshoumaru's castle. The castle towers above most things in the lands in all it's glory. Though it's beautiful. Inside you can find the cold, hard marble floors, each tile chosen with a specific taste in mind. Paintings linger on the walls, showing the era for what it has been since before Sesshoumaru back to his father, and father before him.

Sub-board: -Garden-

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No New Posts -Rajikon Plains-

The plains here are covered in rolling grassland, scattered with shrubs and isolated trees. It doesn't rain much here, but enough to support the plant life. The warm temperature year around is a relief to many. It's just a nice place to kick back, relax, and enjoy life.

1 10 Till we see the sunlight [Open]
by Revlis
Dec 25, 2009 22:21:25 GMT -5
No New Posts -Tama Ryokan Springs-

The hot springs are a great place to relax after a long journey or travel. Even just a nice place to spend the night. The hot springs are divided between males and females. Though females should still watch out for peeping toms! In the center stands the Tama Ryokan, an inn dedicated to comfort and quiet... at reasonable rates, that is.

2 85 forgiven forgotten
by Revlis
Dec 23, 2009 13:18:10 GMT -5
No New Posts -Temple of Siduri-

Concealed only by the looming trees of the forest, this temple holds an air of mystery and menace to it. Shadows dance along the stone walkways and even over the outside and inside walls. The air around the temple tends to be still and deathly quiet as birds cease their twittering before one even comes upon the temple itself.

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-|-Southern Lands ~ Lady Maiko Taiyou-|-

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No New Posts House of the Sun

Situated at the base of a dormant volcano is a picturesque Estate. It is guarded by high walls and a large gate, guards frequently patrolling the area. Vast gardens that are well cultivated branch out on either side of the main house. Lush Sakura and Plum trees grow on the property, offering shade as well as beauty. The smallest of the gardens is at the back of the palace where most of the medicinal herbs are grown. Inside the floors are made of highly polished cherry wood. The screens are carved of maple and painted with mystical creatures or scenes from legends. Many of the rooms have fine linens and rich furnishings. There is also a natural hot spring on site, consisting of three large pools. A large library sits in the eastern wing, filled with stacks upon stacks of books/scrolls. Not far off from the main house lay the barracks and various training rooms. An armory sits off to the right of the main barracks. There is an accomplished armor smith and weapon smith on site as well. In all it's a very elaborate fortress disguised as a lavish estate.

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No New Posts -Urufu Waterfall-

Behind the crystal clear waterfall lies the wolf demon's pack ruled by Kouga himself. The pack is very protective of each other and weary of others whom dare to step foot on their territory. They'll defend each other until the last one dies. You better just hope that Kouga isn't around.

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No New Posts -Mikomi Lake-

Here lies a natural avenue of trees, it is shady, dark and cool, almost cold. The edge of the trees opens up onto a lake. The air is warmer, the sounds of insects are almost too loud. The lake seems like a black void, when the sun bounces off its surface. A 'plopping' sound as a fish breaks the surface every now and then and ripples widening out. This lake is peaceful and a nice place to relax.

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No New Posts -Naraku's Lair-

Cradled in shadow and mist, protected by a barrier, the lair of the half demon and thief reincarnate, Naraku is a difficult one to find. Though, when one has the opportunity to stumble upon it, they will find that the ruthless creature and his minions dwell within the walls of a castle. Do you dare to enter?

Sub-board: -Naraku's Castle-

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No New Posts -Ruins Of Kinou-

The Ruins of Kinou are very ancient. Over the centuries a sense of mystery has slowly gathered around the ruins. This mysterious place draws in many travelers of those looking for treasure. Carvings dance upon the walls of the buildings that once proudly stood here. Legends can be told among the art that was left behind. Yet, no one can seem to tell as to why these ruins where left here for erosion to leave its mark upon them.

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-|-Contact Administrators-|-

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No New Posts -Forgiven Forgotten: Revlis-

If you wanna contact me(Revlis), do so here. Rant at, praise, even worship me! Also, if ya wanna know anything about InuYasha, maybe even my RP Characters, come here. I don't care if you even love me or hate me. I will still chat with you. Any questions? I am all eyes!

Moderator: Revlis

1 1 Mhm
by Kanto
Jan 19, 2010 23:10:35 GMT -5
No New Posts -Lunar Calling: Nukdae-

If you wish to speak one-on-one to me, whether to tell me how awesome I am or to complain about my questionable behaviors, you can come here for a chat. =D I am not responsible for any mental trauma you may encounter, though.

Moderator: Nukdae

1 29 Oh hai thar Nuky
by Kanto
Jan 31, 2010 23:51:43 GMT -5

-|-Admin & Mod Area-|-

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No New Posts -Admin & Mod Chat-

Here is where Revlis and Nukdae chat with the mods about Reincarnation related things. xD

Moderators: Revlis, Nukdae

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No New Posts -Administration Discussion-

Revlis and Nukdae only chat together here. O: Password protected! So try to to hack into and see what the Admins are chatting about.

Moderators: Revlis, Nukdae

14 45
No New Posts -Apply for Admin/Mod Position-

Want to apply to be a part of the staff here on Rein? Sometimes we're looking for new admins and mods to help us out! So apply here. If you're not accepted right away, don't worry! We may still need your help later. on. :]

Moderators: Revlis, Nukdae

1 6 Admin/Mod Applications
by Revlis
Nov 14, 2009 23:54:48 GMT -5
No New Posts -Staff List-

Come look and see who's a part of the Reincarnation team! :]

Moderators: Revlis, Nukdae

2 2 Revlis: The Owner
by Revlis
Nov 9, 2009 11:20:43 GMT -5

-|- Graveyard -|-

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No New Posts -Archives-

All of the dead and/or finished topics here on Reincarnation. O_o

77 1,519 Bathing in Blood (OPEN)
by Revlis
Jan 7, 2010 15:39:30 GMT -5


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